The Founder – Rudolf A. Kotik

Has more than 38 years of Franchise Management experience in Asia, Europe, and the USA. RK has already developed more than 800 franchise companies in the Philippines. Combined, these companies have more than 45,000 Franchisees in 26 countries.

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Company Profile

RK Franchise Consultancy is in existence for more than a decade having been established in Cebu City in 1995. Then, it was focused primarily in marketing international companies from the USA for Master Franchises in the country. It was in 1996 that RK Franchise Consultancy started to develop home-grown companies. Thirsty?, a business offering fresh fruit juices and shakes, was the company’s first Filipino client. As proof of a lasting relationship based on mutual trust and confidence, Thirsty? has remained one of the continuing companies whose franchise line is managed by RK Franchise Consultancy..

In April of 1999, RK Franchise Consultancy moved to Pacific Star at the busy business district of Makati City occupying a small office and one table with zero staff. After a year, the company moved its office at Illinois in Cubao, Quezon City. In November 2004, it moved to its current 180 sqm. office at the Ground Floor of Minnesota Mansion at Ermin Garcia St. in Cubao, Quezon City. RK Franchise Consultancy now keeps a 20-man working force.

Since 2000, RK Franchise Consultancy conducts the Annual Cebu Franchise Expo. Since 2002, RK Franchise Consultancy organizes Franchise Expos in Mindanao. Every year since 1996, RK Franchise Consultancy has participated actively as an exhibitor at the Philippine Franchise Expo in Manila.

RK Franchise Consultancy was recognized as the “Most Outstanding Franchise Consultant” by the Consumers League of the Philippines Foundation. The parangal ng Bayan Foundation awarded RK Franchise Consultancy with the “National Consumers Excellence Award” in the Franchise Consultancy Category, and the Global Brands Award for “Most Outstanding Franchise Development Company” and Rudolf Kotik the “Outstanding Professional Award” by Superbrands

In 2017, we partner with FRANACCESS to develop franchises in the Middle East and to offer Filipino Franchises in these countries.

In 2019, we partner with expand franchising to develop franchises in Autralia and offer Filipino business opportunities. To date, RK Franchise Consultancy has developed more than 800 Filipino Companies into Franchise Systems. Combined, these companies have more than 30,000 Franchisees. Moreover, RK Franchise Consultancy has brokered more than 900 Franchise deals for the last 10 years in all provinces in the Philippines. Through a Master Franchise System developed by RK Franchise Consultancy, 36 Franchisors started to have Franchisees outside the Philippines. Now, We offer also Co-shared Franchises as passive income opportunity; those outlets are operated by franchisor.